address: 137 E. Main St. Georgetown, KY 40324

Robert Clark Artist Gallery

Thoroughbred Racehorse Artist, Robert Clark, is pleased to announce the grand opening of his new gallery located at 137 E. Main St. Georgetown, KY. The gallery will showcase Robert’s equestrian and racing artwork and host workshops in an upscale, fine art environment. Coinciding with the gallery opening is the release of the second edition of A Brush With Greatness, a book collaboration between Robert Clark and author Edward L. Bowen. This beautiful coffee table book features paintings of 79 grade 1 stakes winners, each portrayed in Robert Clark’s meticulous, photo-realist style. To complement the paintings, the owners, breeders, or trainers of each horse have provided a personal quote that gives the reader a glimpse into each horse’s history. During 2017, Mr. Clark is donating 10% of all proceeds from art and book sales to the Grayson-Jockey Club Research Foundation. So far, the campaign has raised $10,000 to fund research initiatives that help horses of all breeds to live healthier lives. 

With paintings so life-like that the viewer can literally feel the excitement of race day, Robert has earned a position as one of the thoroughbred industry’s most respected artists. At the easel, Robert focuses on the skillful execution of paintings that capture the spirit and determination of these world class equine athletes. A lifetime of dedication to honing his craft has produced a body of work that memorializes the beauty and passion of these horses. 

While it was Robert’s grades that earned him a Wilken’s Scholarship to the University of the South (Sewanee), it was his brush that earned him an art scholarship. He went from being a self-taught youth, to an academically trained professional artist. Today, Robert lives and works in the heart of the Bluegrass, where each day he is surrounded by his favorite subject matter: horses.

Robert is looking forward to being an active member of Georgetown’s vibrant art community. As both an artist and a businessman, he is committed to collaborating with local business and community groups to enrich the cultural experience of Georgetown residents and visitors. Please stop by the gallery during the Festival of the Horse.

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