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Multiple orders and repeat customers will receive 25% discount.

Painting Size:      Framing Size:      Pricing:

22" x 28"           (standard size)      $16,000

24" x 30"                                         $22,000

30" x 40"                                         $28,000

36" x 48"               (3' x 4')              $35,000

48" x 60"              (4' x 5')               $60,000

72" x 108"             (6' x 9')              $125,000

Source Materials:

Source materials for racing portraits generally come from professional photographers who specialize in thoroughbred racing. These photographers own the right to the images, even if the horse’s owners have bought a photograph. These photographers are usually easy to work with on a fee basis. This fee is usually a few hundred dollars. Any charges for photo usage are added to the cost of the painting.

Shipping and Framing:

The cost offraming and/or shipping is not included in the prices listed below. These costs are handled on an individual basis, but generally the shipping of a fully insured piece of art is $100 – $500.


Pieces sold in Kentucky are subject to the State Sales Tax of 6%.